Skylab Coprolites - This Week in Google 516

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Death to Robocalls!
This Week's Stories:

-- Google's 4000 word Privacy Policy
-- Google and Dish, sitting in a tree?
-- The problem(s) with YouTube
-- Facebook privacy is already a problem
-- The Chome OS 75 debacle
-- Debian 10 Buster is not for Chromebooks
-- Linux is the future
-- Google Stadia FAQ: multiplayer, VR, how to order
-- Instagram fixes online bullying
-- Trump can't block you on Twitter. Neither can AOC.
-- Facebook fought Fake News (about Facebook)
-- Android - Google = /e/ foundation
-- AT&T blocks robocalls
-- FCC vs SF
-- Amazon at 25
-- Amazon warehouse workers to strike on Prime Day
-- Amazon keeps Alexa recordings indefinitely
-- YouTube and Amazon Prime Video kiss and make up
Picks of the Week

-- Jeff's Number: Giant GDPR fines for Marriott, BA
-- Kevin's Stuff: JGrasp: an open source IDE with an awesome visual debugger

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis
Guest: Kevin Tofel

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