SEREBRO - Mi Mi Mi [Bass Boosted]

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???? SEREBRO - Mi Mi Mi [Bass Boosted]
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⚡ Epilepsy:
➥ This video potentially contains epilepsy action,
who can trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy! Viewer discretion is advised.

⚠️ Bass Frequencies:
➥ This video contains potentially extreme amounts of bass and can be harmful on some audio systems! All damages are at your own risk!

???? Disclaimer:
➥ We do not own the audio in this video.
The song goes to the respective owners, for their amazing work.

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➥ We do not intend to infringe anybody's rights!
We do this for promotion and entertainment purposes only!
➥ If any producer, label or artist has an issue with any of the songs, please send an e-mail to the mail below, and the video will be taken down in 48 hours or less.

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