Sammy Herman plays Nola on xylophone

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Sammy Herman plays Nola, by Felix Arndt, on xylophone in 1929 with studio orchestra. This performance was recorded in a studio for later broadcast on radio. Samy Herman was quite active in radio broadcasting work, both live and also in studio performances for broadcast use.

Shown in this video is a newspaper advertisement for the radio show Radiotron Varieties, which was a regular NBC radio program during this period. The episode pictured includes Sammy Herman at the xylophone.

Speed was a trademark of Sammy Herman's xylophone technique. Herman's performance here of Nola is taken at a breakneck tempo that surely sets the limit of what is possible for this piece.

If you enjoyed this video, there is much, much more old xylophone and marimba music at VAP Media. Simply go to:, videos/courses/ Marimba and Xylophone History with David Harvey.
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