RL Craft - Making a Knife - Musical Reactions

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I spend almost an hour trying to figure how to make a knife. Things were also a little laggy at the start. I will include links to jump ahead in the video for convenience.

Lag seems fixed 19:07
I make the knife but don't notice lol 44:50

I did things a little different editing this video. I have not yet decided what kind of copyright free music I want to use in these videos. I have a few picked out but nothing chosen yet. So about that. I find that if I listen to others music I fall behind on creating my own. Seeing as I recently picked up my guitar again I am slightly motivated to come up with something more than the little tidbits I've already uploaded. Long story short I decided to react to my own video with my acoustic guitar. I don't think I am going to do this all the time. Did I really have to explain all this? Idk
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