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an original song about a toad's love for a frog


Dear Mr. Frog, I'm writing to you from under a log.
I'll take the bugs that nobody else wants, that's okay
I've been thinking about you and I and i want to know
what do you think about this;

You're always in a pond and i'm just fine in my puddle
you catch flies with your tongue and mine is pretty much stationary
your skin is soft and smooth and I'm a lumpy mess

You think I'm great, I'm the best girl that you've ever met
But part of me thinks, sooner or later you're gonna forget me
you'll meet a frog, with perfectly placed leopard spots
how am I supposed to compete with that?

cause I want somebody close and you're always a little distant
I'll give you all my time and you probably think it's a little much
You stay calm and chill and I'm a nervous wreck

I think that I've, gotten myself too attached
and when you leave, its gonna break my little heart
screw what I said, I know that you'd never hurt me
and Mr. Frog, I gotta say that I love you dearly

You're always telling jokes that always make me smile
you say things sarcastically and you don't mind when I cant tell
I cant wait to see you

a common toad.
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