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Connecting Mart to Rural India with Digital Touch Points.
About Mart connect:
Mart connect network currently services over 30 Million customers in B2B and B2C space covering retail networks, Online websites, Mobile based businesses both in rural and urban India. Mart connect is the leading and the most reliable and secure payment processing platform in India.

Aims to be the digital touch point for rural India and highly focused to connect brand with consumers and enable Rural India to access technology.

Mart connect covers 82 services like B2B E commerce, online recharge for prepaid mobile, DTH, Data Cards, Money Transfer, GST Returns, IT Filings, Loans, and other. We also provide postpaid bill and other household bill payment options for our customers, so they can pay for postpaid mobile bills, land line bills, electricity bills, broadband bill, transportation bills like bus tickets, train tickets, flight tickets, cab bookings, hotel bookings and more services.

Having More than 90,000 Digital Touch Points in India through partner network.

Join Mart connect today :




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