LASER FX (1988) 'From the Sound Stages of Hollywood to your home'

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For thirty years I’ve wondered what this ‘80s laser music visualiser looked like in action. Now I finally get to find out - and also discover the surprising secrets of the ingenious internals.

The music used in this video was Bok Choi by Slynk & Heart Break by Vibe Tracks - both from the YouTube audio library.

Q) Can this show Oscilloscope music?
A) No
More answer - Oscilloscope music relies on extremely precise positioning of an image on the X & Y axis.
This device has a mirror attached to rubber bands so can draw random squiggles. 
Precise and Random aren’t bedfellows. 
In addition this only uses one channel. You can’t even draw 'scope music on an oscilloscope with just the one channel. 

Q) We wanted to see the bulb
A) Here’s the bulb 



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----------Outro Music-----------
Over Time - Vibe Tracks

------Outro Sound Effect------
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