Kenji Okada Director of Design, Soft Goods, InCase

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Navigating a design career post graduation and my transition from traditional Industrial Design (hard goods) to a soft goods designer. Becoming more specialized in skills as my career developed.

I want to touch on how school provides the base of technical skills put within each job you develop your skills further and with more focus. As careers progress it can feel like you are becoming pigeon holed but it is possible to leverage those skills and make a transition into another area of design without starting over completely. In addition I will talk about how good fortune has played into my career and how I capitalized on it.

I am the current Director of Design, Soft Goods at Incase designing products focused around the Apple ecosystem. From an early age I had a fascination with product that eventually led me to CSULB Industrial Design. Upon graduation in 2014, I have designed numerous tech accessories with a focus on mobile phones. Through the Incipio Group, I have worked with both in house brands, licensed brands, and collaborations across the fashion, automotive and lifestyle channels. Now with Incase I concentrate on continuing the 20+ year legacy the brand has created by designing useful, intuitive products with the creative in mind.
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