Friday Forex Traders Money Market Update. 3rd May 2019.

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My key topic for discussion today is price action in the FX market just before and just after the European trading session begins.

The Bank of England upgrades its UK economic outlook.
Thursday saw the Bank of England keep its benchmark interest rate steady at 0.75%. Governor Carney acknowledged the recent uptick in China, US and European economic growth and even upgraded the BOE’s 2019 UK GDP outlook from 1.2% to 1.5%.

The committee agreed unanimously to keep interest rates steady but he did say in his press conference. “If the world unfolds broadly as consistent with this forecast, then it will require greater withdrawal of monetary stimulus than is currently implied — it just didn’t require it at this meeting.” What does this mean? Higher interest rates sooner.

Carney’s comments surprisingly did not see a flood of money come for the Pound but this may have been because of continued Brexit concerns, a trading day which was overall “risk off” and money was flowing for the safe haven currencies such as the US Dollar, Yen and Swiss Franc as stocks retreated.
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