FlixTechSummit 2018: Microservice Architecture: Service Mesh with Istio on K8s (Dmitry Burlea)

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Talk "Microservice Architecture: Service Mesh with Istio on Kubernetes" by Dmitry Burlea given at FlixTechSummit 2018, the FlixMobility Tech conference. learn. share. grow.

One of the greatest challenges of microservices architecture is the integration and communication between them. This challenge includes service discovery, traffic management, fault tolerant messaging, end-to-end monitoring, distributed tracing, dynamic routing for canary deployments and also securing the communication channels.

Since FlixTech also decided to go towards Self-Contained-Systems (SCS) / Microservices way, this challenge is also something that our architectures face or will face in the near future. Our systems are implemented in different languages and frameworks and we have been thinking about some conventions and architectural guidenesses of how to integrate those systems together in a consistent way.

Istio is the framework recently produced as a joint effort of Google, IBM and Lyft to address these challenges. It runs on Kubernetes, is powered by Envoy proxy, and provides a layer of infrastructure between the services and the network that allows the service communication to be controlled outside the application code. This fundamentally changes how services are connected, managed and secured and is also known as a term of Service Mesh.

In this presentation I will provide the overview of these concepts and will share some information that I’ve got from Istio developers and adopters on Devoxx UK conference.
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