Best 4x4 Wrecker in Washington

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Chevy 3/4 ton lost his rear wheel on beach appears lugnuts backed off . We thought about putting the tire back on but all the threads were stripped out .
Best guess is the last person that put tires on truck did not torque them or over tightened them and pulled the threads .
Aluminum wheels are notorious for lug nuts backing off . Recommendation on new mags is to re torque them after a few days .
Using an impact gun and hammering lug nuts on is a pretty easy way to strip the threads and causing issues down the road .
Not sure what the specs are on a 3/4 ton chevy . On my Ford F350 specs are 145 lbs
I had one of his boys record for me . He did an awesome job .
I was towing a broke down Hot Rod when this call came in . Caleb brought Dead Pull down from Ocean Park top help out .

Caleb was instrumental in getting Dead Pull put together and operational . He put 90 percent of the mechanical effort you saee here . Dan and Rick did all the body work and paint .
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