Behind The Scenes at the Largest Particle Accelerator in the World

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I was very fortunate to get an invite to a personal tour of CERN, and this is what I saw on my awesome day there. This video was produced with help from my wonderful patrons Grab posters and other merch here:

Check out Trace Dominguez's playlist of cool CERN videos:

CERN upen day information here:

Thanks so much to CERN for inviting me and also letting me use a bunch of their videos. Most of the video footage in this video is from CERN's resource centre which you can find here.

I have another online store too:
I have also made versions available for educational use which you can find here:[email protected]/

If you want to check out my Professor Astro Cat books go here:

Find me on twitter, instagram, and my website:
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