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Badi Miss Sahib - The legacy of Dr. Edith Mary Brown (The Musical) Full Video
On the occasion of Christian Medical College, Ludhiana's 125 year anniversary, an original musical “Badi Miss Sahib - the legacy of Dr. Brown” was staged to a jam-packed audience on March 22nd, 23rd & 24th, 2019.

The musical is based on the true story of Dr. Edith Mary Brown, a young dynamic lady born in England in the year 1864. The untimely death of her father and the letters her sister writes to her from India about the plight of Indian women under the purdah system move her heart to pursue medicine, inspite of her having won a scholarship in mathematics. England had only just allowed women to be trained as doctors. To bear the cost of educating herself she had to work part time as a book keeper and save all her money. After qualifying as a medical doctor, she then set sail to India trusting that God would make all things possible.

The plight of women in India was desperate. Despite excellent training she was unable to meet all their needs. In a dream she was inspired to care of the needs of the people by training Indian women. She receives her inspiration - My Work is for a King - which is now the motto of our Institution. Under dire circumstances in 1894 she establishes Asia's first Medical College for Women with just four lady students. Apart from medicine, she teaches them to be bold, heal the sick and never run away from hardships. Her work touched lives far and wide and she came to be known as Badi Miss Sahib. Her legacy remains an inspiration to all of us to remember that our lives will make a difference when Our Work is for a King.

The faculty, alumni and students put in tremendous effort and thousands of man-hours of hard work into this original production. The joy on the execution of this project is evident on each one who participated, contributed and supported in any way possible. The students proved once again that all things are possible through Christ Jesus our Lord.

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