A Guide To Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare: E-Book

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Get the e-book here: https://leanpub.com/ArtificialIntelligenceinHealthcare

It’s high time to talk about what artificial intelligence brings to medicine. What do machine learning, deep learning, or convolutional networks mean? What are the most affected medical fields? What are the greatest challenges for applying smart algorithms to healthcare settings? What could the future bring? What are the top use cases for artificial intelligence in healthcare during the next decade? How can we benefit from the exchange of knowledge between humans and machines? What social and ethical implications do we need to address?

Read The Medical Futurist's guide to understanding, anticipating and controlling artificial intelligence.

Get a clear overview of the key concepts.

Learn how to identify the opportunities and potential use cases of A.I. in healthcare and medicine.

Recognize and act upon the risks and implications of artificial intelligence.
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