2020 Volkswagen Mutivan California 6.1 Seven Passenger Camper

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Volkswagen Mutivan California 6.1 Beach Is A Kitchen-Equipped, Seven-Passenger Camper
Flash forward to 2019 – Volkswagen has a new cool mini motorhome that will make its public debut at this year’s 2019 Caravan Salon. Rather, it’s sort of new, as it’s based on the familiar California that already has camping provisions. This one is a bit different, however, in that it gets its own mini-kitchen along with seating for seven.

Officially called the California 6.1, it’s a product of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and in ordinary life, it functions as a normal van with seating for up to seven people. However, this 6.1 version offers something new compared to other California campers – the ability to add the mini-kitchen without ditching the extra seating. In that sense, this van becomes a proper family vehicle through the week, with the ability to embrace off-grid life on the weekends.

The mini-kitchen stows behind the driver seat between the B and C pillars, and includes a single gas burner with a small workspace to the right. When not in use, the mini kitchen fits neatly into the van’s wall. In its stowed configuration, it takes up no more passenger space than a standard California without the option. As for other camping items, the California 6.1 features a pop-up aluminum roof with canvas sides, a roof bed, a fold-away table, and the rear bench seat folds to create another sleeping area.

Like its predecessor, the California 6.1 is being offered as Beach, Coast and
Ocean versions. Visual aspects that differentiate the three models from each
other include the differently configured new front section. Embellished with five
chrome strips, the top part of the Ocean radiator grille forms an entity with the
new LED daytime running lights; Beach and Coast have two chrome strips here.
Under that on all three versions is a broad chrome bar and a further large air
intake for the efficient engines. Joining in finally is the bumper, which in
comparison to the previous model is even more charismatic; it is embellished on
the California Ocean 6.1 in similar fashion by a chrome strip.

Interior solutions with maritime flair

The Coast and Ocean versions are equipped with rear cupboards and a row of
kitchen units. These fixtures, with a compact, clear design as on a small yacht,
have been further enhanced and equipped with new details such as an additional
double USB socket.
Eye-catching and practical: new aluminium handles on all
the kitchen's doors. Also new: push buttons for opening up the kitchen surface
(sink, cooker, fridge); they are worked into the elegant aluminium edging of the
row of kitchen units. The shutters in the rear cupboard have been replaced by
new sliding doors. Another new creation is the natural wood look of all the
cupboards: it is available in the pale ‘Bright Oak’ and darker ‘Graphite Grey’.
Matched by the designers to the new decorative looks are the seat covers, which
are now darker and thus less susceptible to dirt.

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